The Localism of Fools: Rod Dreher’s Live Not by Lies

Rod Dreher’s newest book shifts from the retreat of the Benedict Option to a frenzied flirtation with illiberalism. Despite Dreher’s insistence on a vague and creeping “soft totalitarianism,” in truth it is fear of racial and sexual minorities that animates him.

The Church Must Be Antifascist

Trump is not Hitler and America is not a fascist theocracy. But America has long nurtured its own fascistic ideas and movements and Trump is ripening conditions for its growth. The Christian Church now has a choice to make: be antifascist or acquiesce to fascism.

QAnon is the Perfect Evangelical Conspiracy

QAnon is just the latest twist in a well-established tradition of evangelical language and motifs, as well as its anxieties and fears. It’s not “the alternative religion that’s coming to your church,” because it’s already there, and always has been, albeit in slightly different forms.