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Building a Movement of the Ecumenical Christian Left

Our mission is to support US churches, their members, and institutions in confronting the world’s captivity to capitalism and in claiming, embodying, and promoting the radical socialism of the Christian faith and life.

The Gospel entails a commitment not just to resisting or reforming capitalism, but to overturning it, while working toward new forms of political economy that are life-sustaining, egalitarian, and just.

We seek God’s new creation of a society marked by the interdependent health of our common earthly home, the shared enjoyment of our common wealth, and the just participation of all in our common social and political life together.

“The innovative, gospel-grounded, spirit-led Institute for Christian Socialism cultivates people’s capacity to build more equitable, ecological, and democratic forms of economic life as a work of neighbor-love.”
Cynthia Moe-Lobeda
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

The Voice of the Christian Left

The Bias provides regular digital content that establishes the voice and perspectives of the Christian Left. 

Engagements with politics, culture, literature, economy, and environment.

"The time has come to engage in deep and serious conversations about alternatives. What if this time more Christians were to place themselves on the right side of history?"
Joerg Rieger
Vanderbilt University

Support ICS

ICS isn’t just another place for hot takes on religion, capitalism and socialism. It’s the beginning of a new Christian presence in American politics, unabashedly engaged in class politics — from the grassroots to the legislature, from churches to workplaces. Learn more about how you can help us fund the next stage of ICS.