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For too long, Christians have not directly challenged capitalism.

Capitalism wounds us, distorting our humanity in fundamental ways. Yet so few Christians see it as the spiritual disease it is. The truth is that faithful Christian life today must be anti-capitalist. Faced with the spiritual despair and political desperation that capitalism creates, Christians have a chance to cast a vision of radical social change that involves body, soul, spirit, and action.

A truly anti-capitalist life cannot be content with opposition only. It creates new ways of living together, here and now, that transcend what capitalism offers. Christians and their communities therefore have a crucial role to play in overcoming capitalism.

Now is the time for you to join an organized movement of Christian socialists.

It starts with you.

You are the key to reviving the socialism of the Gospel in your community. You can organize the Gospel’s power for change. The Gospel of Mark calls Jesus’ miracles acts of power. They are the kind of acts that seem impossible: expressions of love that revolutionize the world.

Christians have relied on models of advocacy and mobilization for decades. While these are essential, they are not oriented toward organizing the Gospel’s power for revolutionary change. As a member of ICS, you’re committing to being a co-laborer in organizing that power to build a life-sustaining, equitable, and truly democratic society. If you have further questions about our individual membership, see our FAQ here

Take the first step.

Without you, our mission of building the Christian left cannot be done. Become a member of the Institute for Christian Socialism today and join us in building the power of the Christian left.

Organizing People.

Building Power In Community.

Members will:

  • Attend a twice-monthly “Base Society” gathering
  • Complete a 6 month ICS Base Curriculum
  • Contribute ideas, expertise, strategy, networks, and resources
  • Organize to realize the socialism of the Gospel in your local community
  • Receive access to our exclusive Discord.

You can expect:

  • To be networked with other Christian socialists in a dynamic movement for radical social change
  • To collaborate with us to realize our mission where you are
  • To contribute your resources, ideas, and praxis with the network
  • Training opportunities for small group facilitation and leadership
  • To build Christian socialist community through spiritual formation and mutual support

Membership Levels

Individual Membership

Our mission is to support US churches, their members, and institutions in confronting the world’s captivity to capitalism and in claiming, embodying, and promoting the radical socialism of the Christian faith and life.

Institutional Membership

Offered to churches and other institutions that would like to provide institutional access to ICS membership. These memberships are offered at reduced dues and would receive support for organizing ICS Base Societies within the institution.
The Institute for Christian Socialism is reclaiming Christianity for a political movement that recognizes that the dictates of the Gospel are wholly incompatible with capitalism.
Micah Uetricht
Jacobin Magazine

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Build the Christian left in your community.