Holy Wednesday: Apocalypse, War, Death and the Least of These

When fear of the future threatens to plunge us into morally unproductive terror, we can fall back to the practical, humble guidelines Jesus issued to his disciples on the eve of his arrest: observe, prepare, be yourself, and take care of each other – most importantly the “least of these.”

Žižek and the Perverse Core of Christianity

Slavoj Žižek rightly contends that Christianity is perverse. But by absorbing Christianity into Hegelian categories, he mistakes the perversion of contemporary Christianity under the rule of the commodity form for the original perversion of Christianity: the crucified God.

Gary Dorrien on Making Democratic Socialism American

Gary Dorrien shows that the best American traditions of democratic socialism have emphasized economic democracy, cultural and racial diversity, and perhaps surprisingly, a rootedness in religious ideals and socialisms.

Joker and the Politics of Film Criticism

Recently released on DVD, Joker is a political document testifying to the tightly interwoven structural relationships between poverty, austerity, neoliberalism, mental illness, revolution, and class warfare.

Climate Change and “We”

Capitalism refuses to slow down, creating the conditions for climate collapse. How do we take political responsibility for our future?