Remoralizing Sex

Christine Emba’s recent book attempts to diagnose the malaise of contemporary sex culture. But her persistent avoidance of queer experience and theory, as well as an insufficient analysis of capitalism, thwarts her attempt at a new sexual ethic beyond consent.

Gays Behaving Badly

A new book from the creators of the Bad Gays podcast explores the morally problematic lives of queer people from ancient to modern times. What unites these figures isn’t their “transgressiveness” but their persistent refusal of solidarity.

Solidarity With Trans Lives is How We Fight the Right

Conservatives are uniting behind a neofascist project and trans people are a prime target for violence. The Church can’t settle for anything less than costly solidarity with trans lives, claiming political conflict as a necessary consequence of Christian love.

Sanctuary for Trans Lives

Gov. Abbot’s order to investigate trans children is a clarion call for the church. For the sake of our trans neighbors, out-organizing the right is not just an option, it is a matter of survival.

The Fags and the Cha-Ching

The late Christopher Chitty’s groundbreaking book, Sexual Hegemony, is a truly queer work, an unconventional intellectual project that is of great importance for theologians who want to make sense of queer life.

What to Do About Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling, Transphobia and Idolatry

My small act of rebellion in a household where my mother had become gripped by fundamentalist evangelism was reading Harry Potter. It seemed self-evident to me—and still is—that no demon was going to burst out of the pages and possess me. Mother sent me to camp in middle school, and as part of a divorce power struggle, dad gave me pocket money.