Blue Mass Matters

Klaus Yoder profiles Law and Order Catholicism and points towards a non-dualistic vision of faith and safety.

Remoralizing Sex

Christine Emba’s recent book attempts to diagnose the malaise of contemporary sex culture. But her persistent avoidance of queer experience and theory, as well as an insufficient analysis of capitalism, thwarts her attempt at a new sexual ethic beyond consent.

The Only Way Out Is Through

In this exhausted political moment, a  reactionary antipolitics is ascendent — one that looks to “traditional” aesthetic and religious pursuits as an antidote to the spiritual dead-end of conventional “woke” liberalism and free-market conservatism. 

The Predator Class is Hungry for a Post-Roe World

From gendered exclusions to the explicitly carceral capitalism of sharecropping, the predator class squeezed profit from precarity. It is one lesson they have not forgotten despite their erasure of slavery and its afterlives from public memory.