What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

Frederick Douglass’ famous Independence Day address took a rhetorical scalpel to the lofty self-image and founding texts of America. With political and religious fervor, he drove home the contradiction between republican values and chattel slavery.

The Only Way Out Is Through

In this exhausted political moment, a  reactionary antipolitics is ascendent — one that looks to “traditional” aesthetic and religious pursuits as an antidote to the spiritual dead-end of conventional “woke” liberalism and free-market conservatism. 

The Predator Class is Hungry for a Post-Roe World

From gendered exclusions to the explicitly carceral capitalism of sharecropping, the predator class squeezed profit from precarity. It is one lesson they have not forgotten despite their erasure of slavery and its afterlives from public memory.

Gays Behaving Badly

A new book from the creators of the Bad Gays podcast explores the morally problematic lives of queer people from ancient to modern times. What unites these figures isn’t their “transgressiveness” but their persistent refusal of solidarity.

Solidarity With Trans Lives is How We Fight the Right

Conservatives are uniting behind a neofascist project and trans people are a prime target for violence. The Church can’t settle for anything less than costly solidarity with trans lives, claiming political conflict as a necessary consequence of Christian love.

How Aren’t We Going to Pay for That?

Ryan Cooper’s book is a surprisingly effective way to expose a conservative know-it-all or a liberal naïf to a sensible, progressive worldview—and it’s enjoyable to boot. Spending hawks beware, social democracy in America is possible.

Inside the Postliberal Mind

Adrian Vermeule’s new book was not written to persuade hostile readers, but to provide ammunition for his allies. It gives us a peek under the hood of postliberalism—and the contents are both shoddy and dangerous.